Couleur Locale

“Couleur Locale” is Giorgis Manolaki΄s first attempt as a band leader of a typical modern western music trio (lute as the solo voice, accompanied by double bass and drums). In this work, Manolakis stretches the instruments traditional limits by creating unexpected musical compositions, often with the help of amplifiers and pedals.

The mixture of west and east musical styles in music making is not something new for Greece. It reflects the multiple influences and connections of the Greek culture, caused both by the country’s geographical position and the heavy population migration of the previous century.

Τhe Couleur Locale project is not just a blend of world and jazz genres. Instead, it aims to smoothly advance Cretan music to a next creational step. The trio focuses almost entirely on creating new compositions instead of merely using different genres to make covers of well known Greek tunes. Manolakis’ collaborators are both Cretan music lovers and experienced jazz and rock musicians. The three of them have spent many years experimenting with Manolakis’ lute compositions, creating a unique and warm sound that stretches and in the end merges the different aesthetic mediums.

The band’s first album was recorded live during a single weekend in Heraklion, Crete. In addition to the lute, double bass and drums core, the album also features Cretan lyra virtuosi Kelly Thoma and Giorgis Giannadakis who participated in two of the tracks

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