BAiLDSA is a balkan punk n’ roll band from Thessaloniki, Greece.

Since forming in 2008, BAiLDSA gradually developed their distinctive and individual sound by merging the balkan-gypsy genre with elements from ska, punk, reggae, rap, electro and even indie, psychedelic rock and stoner. In 2011, the band recorded and self-released its debut album “United States of Balkans”. It received very impressive reviews and helped build an international fanbase. However, live on-stage performances are the band at its best. So far, BAiLDSA’s dynamic and explosive shows have earned them numerous concerts all over Europe, several festival appearances, and opening acts for the likes of Kultur Shock, New Model Army and Manu Chao.

Ever since the beginning of their career, BAiLDSA actively join the forces of social change and stand against racism and fascism through their songs and general attitude. The band itself is the carrier of a hopeful message of unity and solidarity, which they spread like wildfire in every place they visit and play.

In 2014 the band released their second album, “zVarNa”, which carries more diverse elements, combining balkan and ska tunes with blurry indie soundscapes. It gravitates towards a rawer, punk rock-alternative sound while maintaining the band’s unique sonic footprint. Recorded in a more traditional, “old school” way and mixed entirely in analogue, it delivers a fresh, lush, and organic sounding track list and captures the band’s massive live sound and energetic on-stage performance.

BAiLDSA’s third album „WarZone”, released on 2018, re-introduces the band to its audience… A brand new „wall of sound“ with massive guitars and drum beats, blending the band’s balkan roots with the never ending alternative and post punk tradition around the globe. Aggressive but still gently the band’s songwriting evolves in a unique style, creating its own soundscape. So… uncalm and enter the WarZone.

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